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Tank Containment - Goldendale, WA

Summer 1997
Customer: S&K Painting
Sandblast and Coatings Containment, using 7 and 8 mil Industrial Shrink Wrap

GP Toledo - Toledo, OR

Customer: F.D. Thomas
Sandblast and Painting Containment

Greyson Tank - Interior Scaffold

Inverted Roof Cover on Tank - Manassa, VA

Customer: F.D. Thomas
Special Coatings Containment

Lone Star Concrete Plant - Tower Containment

Tank Containment - Lake Oswego, OR

Tank Top Covers - Cave Junction, OR

Cowlitz Sewer Plant - Lakeview, WA

Kress Tank - Green Bay, WI

Tank (Before) - Vancouver, WA

Tank (After) - Vancouver, WA

Tank (Before) - Hubbard, OR

Tank (After) - Hubbard, OR

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