Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

Industrial shrink wrap heat guns are an indispensable tool for protecting, shipping, or storing virtually any large item Propane-fired shrink heat wrap guns allow for top notch safety with their commercial quality and lasting design that are great at home on the job site or in the garage.

There are numerous options to consider when you shop for a heat gun for shrink wrapping. Whether you need a heavy duty shrink wrap heat gun that covers everything from pallets to vehicles, a lightweight heat shrink gun for smaller items, or an adjustable shrink wrap heat gun that can stretch your capabilities and save you time and money. We have the shrink wrap heat guns and shrink fast heat guns along with the accessories you need.

Did you know that shrink wrap heat guns are not just handy for shrink wrapping? They have a multitude of uses around the house and on the job.

What Other Things you can use a Shrink Wrap Heat Gun For:

  • Remove dents from cars with a heat shrink gun and compressed air

  • Remove labels or stickers from packages without harmful chemicals

  • Turn old silverware items into jewelry or art

  • Remove old adhesive-attached flooring such as linoleum

  • Thaw frozen pipes and avoid costly plumbing repairs

  • Quickly dry flooded out wood flooring before it becomes damaged

  • Remove old wallpaper from walls to make way for texture and paint

  • Strip layers of old paint from furniture

At Pro-Tect we carry a variety of shrink wrap heat guns from the top of the line ShrinkFast 998 to a more affordable propane heat shrink wrap gun if your team does not shrink wrap very often. We also carry all the accessories you need to make your project a success and complete it quickly and safely. This includes hoses, propane quick connections and even full propane tanks that we can send directly to you.