Shrink Wrap Vents


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Stick On Vents
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These stick on shrink wrap vents are available individually or by the case. These are used in shrink wrap containments when you are planning on leaving the shrink wrap installed for a long time like months or longer. If there is moisture trapped in that environment and the area is finished and needed to be clean it may collect mold or mildew. One such environment in under a boat shrink wrap and you should use 1 to 3 shrink wrap vents if this will be used for storage such as winter storage. If you are just using shrink wrap for storage and it will be unwrapped quickly you do not need these. We also sell dessicant bags and vapor capture cartridges to keep moisture off your surfaces.

If you want a these on stock and would like a complete case order 100 at a  time and we will send you full cases.