Tufflite 1 Year Clear Nursery Film

PGH-Clear Nursery 1yr

$338.00 - $505.00
152.00 LBS
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Tufflite is one of the top brands for greenhouse film. It is durable and long lasting. Give us a call if you would like a custom quote for your greenhouse.

If you are only going to keep your greenhouse plastic on for a year or so, Tufflite Nursery Clear 1 year may be a more economical option.

One of the most inexpensive greenhouse plastic options we recommend is Tufflite Nursery Clear. This 6 mil greenhouse plastic does not have infrared or anti-condensate additives like the Tufflite IR/AC 6 mil 4 year UVI greenhouse plastic. It does have an anti-dust additive that prevents dust from adhering to the plastic. Tufflite Nursery Clear has UV protection for up to one year after which the plastics light transmission steadily degrades and the plastic will start to yellow.

Benefits and Features

  • Helps manage harsh weather conditions
  • Extended growing season improves profitability
  • Protects crops from rain and strong winds
  • Reduce delays in harvest due to rainfall
  • Minimize the use of pesticide and fungicide applications
  • Economical for short term usage.

Tri-layer covering with UV protection and anti-dust additive. An alternative growing system that may help reduce production costs by spreading workloads and cash flow more evenly throughout the year, may minimize dependence on some chemicals. Growing seasons extend into the sunny days of March and April in warm tunnels, allowing production of warm-season crops. In fall, when the days are shorter and frost threatens, tunnels can capture heat from the sun and protect plants at night, helping to extend cold-season vegetable/plant production for a longer period.