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Our Shrink Wrap Containment Introduction

About Pro-Tect Plastics

[p class="text"] Pro-Tect specializes in distribution of flame retardant industrial shrink wrap, boat wrap, clear, pallet bags and supplies for wrapping equipment and industrial containment. We supply installation materials and accessories including tape, strapping, and heat guns including the SHRINKFAST 998 to properly install a shrink wrap containment system or package equipment for transport and storage. [/p] [p class="text"]The industrial containment system is used for special coatings, EIFS systems, scaffolding, exterior coatings for tanks, buildings, bridges, ship repair, lead/asbestos abatement, scaffold wrap for construction projects and weatherization. Shrink wrap packaging is used for boats, packaging of large parts, products, and equipment for transport, storage and winterizing.[/p] [p class="text text-special"]Pro-Tect Plastic and Supply, Inc. is Women Owned Small Business, Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) State of Oregon Certification #1090, Oregon CCB License 118666 SMBE/SWBE State of California Firm 45628 OMWBE/DBE State of Washington Certification # D2F0024841.[/p] [p class="text"]We understand our customers' need for quality installations and professional service and products. Our innovative approach, process and specially formulated shrink films offer the leading products in the industry.[/p]

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We know you have other sources for Shrink Wrap and Agriculture Films. What sets us apart is Customer Service, Quality and over 20 Years of Experience. Most of our products are made in the United States and warehoused in Oregon USA right now. We also have a network of installers we work with nationwide that may have our products in stock and can consult with you to complete your project. With our American-Made products there is no waiting for shipping from other countries or items getting stuck at the docks or in customs! Special Orders can get to you in weeks not months. Let us know more about your needs. Call us Toll Free at (800)889-WRAP or click below.

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