What is shrink film?

Shrink film is a low-density polyethylene film (LDPE) made from a fractional low melt virgin resin and other additives, and when subjected to heat it begins a bi axially shrinking process as the heat is removed. The shrink film will shrink 25% to 30% of it surface dimension and mold itself to any type of structure. The UVI in our shrink film is hindered amine to protect against film deterioration by the sun. Our specially formulated films contain Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which retains more elasticity and does not become brittle when exposed to cold temperatures. All shrink films are not alike and will perform differently depending on the resins and manufacturing process used.

Why use shrink film?

Pro-Tect's shrink film is cost effective, labor friendly, environmentally safe, recyclable, weatherproof and installs quickly.

For industrial construction:

Shrink-wrap can be used in the critically important area of containing sandblast residuals or chemical stripping of hazardous material such as lead, asbestos, and heavy metals. Installing shrink wrap with heat fused seams will contain virtually 100% of sandblast or chemical abatement residuals, as well as allow complete project/equipment weatherization and product protection. With easy installation and low maintenance, industrial shrink wrap is the most reliable and inexpensive containment method available today. More about industrial shrink wrap.

For packaging transport and storage:

Shrink wrap is very durable and has many uses for packaging of large, and small items. Shrink wrap can provide weatherization of irregular shaped objects, palletized truckloads of equipment, commodities, wood products, temporary housing, greenhouses and over the road freight which will provide a secure cover and can protect from all types of storm damage.

Marine industry:

Installing shrink wrap will form a (cocoon) skin tight shroud to weatherize boats for storage and transport thereby saving dollars associated with the labor of double handling and the risk of weather damage to products.

Is training available for my staff?

You Bet! Pro-Tect has provided professional training to companies through out the Country. Our professional technical representatives have a reputation for their expertise and knowledge in the shrink wrapping industry. Pro-Tect is ready available to train your staff or personnel on the shrink wrapping system.

Can I do it my self, how can I get started?

Now Available - Pro-Tect's shrink wrap containment training video for $49.95.With step by step instructions on how to install a professional shrink wrap containment system. If you would prefer to contact us via telephone, please call (800)-889-WRAP and you will be connected to a professional technical services representative to assist you.

Below is a list of items you will need to get started.
We offer several sizes of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 mil shrink film, along with a 5 mil clear shrink pallet bag.

Heat Shrink Film • ShrinkFast 998 Heat Gun
Heat Shrink Tape • Quick Connects - Male & Female
Poly Woven Strapping • Coupler Hose LH
Strap Tensioner Tool • Five Gallon Propane Bottles
Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive • Safety Shrink Film Knives
25' ¼ OD Propane Hose w/ Fittings • Heat Shrink Leather Gloves

What is the difference between shrink wrap and stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap is applied by stretching it around an object with minimal protection;it sticks to itself and is better known as plastic pallet wrap. Pro-Tect carries stretch wrap in an 18" x 1500' 80 gauge. Shrink film requires a propane heat gun to shrink the bag or sheeting around the object. It becomes skin tight forming a tough shroud.

Why is shrink film better than visqueen?

Shrink wrap is shrunk tight around the object so there is no fluttering by the wind to deteriorate the plastic. Visqueen is applied using tape to hold the pieces together.Unlike visqueen, shrink wrap does not become brittle, break down and tear when exposed to sun's UV rays. Shrink wrap remains pliable under extreme temperatures and the life of shrink wrap is one to two years depending on the application and the shrink film's formulations. It is not uncommon to have visqueen fail within a day or two after applied.

Why is shrink film better than blue canvas tarps?

Pro-Tect special formulated shrink film forms a tough skin tight barrier. Pro-Tect's shrink films do not normally shred or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. Tarps do not withstand long term storage or transport and loosen and sag as time prevails.

Shipping shrink wrap?

No problem, we can ship FedEx and UPS and have great discounted rates with freight companies.Our distribution warehouse personnel are excellent at finding our customers the best rate with fast service. We ship all over the world.