Shrink Wrap for Boats

Shrink wrap for boats is an easy and economical way to protect and store boats and other marine equipment when you are not using them. You can also protect RV's, outdoor furniture, equipment or other commodities from dust, debris and harsh weather elements.

This shrink wrap system can be used to weatherize irregular shaped objects, and palletized truckloads of equipment and commodities. The do-it-yourself boat wrap kits can also be used to weatherize new manufactured boats or used boats in storage.  Once shrink wrapped, the boat or product can be transported in its own containment (cocoon) thereby saving money associated with the labor of double handling and the risk of weather and road damage to the product.  Removal of the shrink wrap from boats or other product is just as simple and all of our heat shrink films are 100% recyclable.

Pro-Tect has a "How To" Flash Drive or Instant Download available for the do-it-yourself boat wrap kits. Included is a video of shrink wrapping a boat and has a fully pictured training manual showing step by step “How To” heat shrink your boat and other items. This boat wrap training manual can be viewed on your computer or can be printed out.

To accomplish the heat shrinking process of your boat or other product, you will need to use a propane fired heat gun. We suggest the Shrinkfast 998 heat gun kit in stock for sale  We do also have rental heat guns. The lease rate for the heat gun rental is $75.00 per week plus shipping. Please contact us for more information about leasing or order below.

Need help with do-it-yourself boat wrap kits? Read our Quick Guide on How to Heat Shrink Wrap.

All good things must come to an end, including the boating season. No matter the climate, boats should be winterized to protect them through the cold season. The best way to ensure that your boat is 100% protected in the off season is to securely wrap it in boat shrink wrap. Strapping a canvas cover to your boat is convenient during boating season but does not provide the level of protection necessary to combat all off season threats. Boat shrink wrap provides superior, complete protection in a number of ways.

Before spending hundreds of dollars, many boat owners wonder if the benefits of winterization are worth the expense. Boat owners have several choices when it comes to boat winterization. Make an informed decision that is best for your boat and your budget by weighing the cost to winterize shrinkwrap of a boat against the benefits.

There are many great reasons to winterize your boat, even if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that allows you to take the boat out year-round. (We’re looking at you Floridians and South Texans!) At an absolute minimum your boat is going to need to be covered to protect it during times of low or no use.

Migrating birds, nesting animals, wintry sleet, snow, or rain and wind can cause significant damage to your boat. Do not leave your boat vulnerable to off-season assaults by leaving it open to the elements. Save yourself the expense of repairing upholstery or repainting your boat with an investment up front. The average cost to winterize a boat is less than the expense and headache involved in making repairs to winter-related damage.

Top marine boat wrap product conforms precisely to your boat quick. Shrink wrapping a boat using nothing more than propane fueled heat, marine shrink wrap tightly wraps around every curve and surface of all kinds of boats. Shrink wrapping ensures that there are no loose areas or gaps that rodents can use to get inside your boat and cause damage. Marine wrapping your boat also protects your canvas cover from bird droppings, plant debris, and damage due to exposure to the elements. You don’t have to be a Dr. to figure that one out!

Marine shrink film is resistant to moisture so your boat stays dry through rain, sleet, or snow. Marine vinyl wrap is constructed from material that completely eliminates pooling of water and sheds snow in the winter to reduce the risk of collapse due to heavy snow loads. Boat shrink wrap’s custom fit means that it remains securely attached in high winds and won’t rub, chafing your paint or gel coat. When the time comes to put your boat into storage for the off season, keep it safe and secure with shrink wrap for boats. If moisture is a problem in your area try our heat shrink vents out.

Why should I shrink wrap my boat in the off season?

  • Keep unwanted animals out of your boat.

  • Protect your canvas cover from birds and plant debris.

  • Eliminate damage from rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions.

  • Keep your paint and gel coat shiny and new long term.

Pro-Tect Plastics offers our customers both 7 mil and 9 mil marine wrap film manufactured with the highest quality materials and marine shrink wrap accessories such as tape that will save you time and provide the best results. Our white boat vinyl wrap is recommended over other colors as it withstands all weather conditions and has lower heat transference than other colors, resulting in less condensation.

Although white film will lessen the amount of moisture from condensation, it is best to provide ventilation to avoid mold or mildew growth. Use tape to create zippered doors for easy access and ventilation when you shrink wrap your boat. When you are ready to shrink wrap your boat for the off season, look no further than Pro-Tect Plastics for all of your shrink wrap needs.

There are plenty of companies and marinas that install shrink wrap for boats for you using shrink film. Winterizing boat costs depend on the size of your craft and where your boat is located. A quick search online of “boat winterization near me” will reveal a number of providers with a variety of associated costs. You can expect to spend $300-$500 each winter to have your boat winterized by a professional.

If you handy with tools, you can learn how to shrink wrap your own boat. How much it costs to winterize will be greatly reduced over time with an upfront investment in equipment and an ongoing investment of your time. Once you know what you’re doing, the process is fairly straightforward and simple. If you have never wrapped your boat and don’t know what to do, don’t worry! Pro-Tect Plastics has you covered. We have all of the equipment, materials, and tutorials you need to do the job right. We even sell a video of How to Shrink Wrap your boat.

Do you need help as you search or view boat shrink wrap products on the Pro-Tect Plastics website? Please contact us so that we can learn what you need! We will ensure your new order contains the supplies necessary to complete your shrink wrap project. Pro-Tect Plastics gives our customers the level of service they need and deserve, plus our plastic shipping policy is same day if in stock.