Shrink Wrap Supplies

Order the shrink wrap supplies and equipment needed to complete your project here.

Pro-Tect Plastics has all of the supplies, accessories, equipment, and guides you need to complete your shrink wrap project. If you don’t see a shrink wrap accessory or supply that you need, please call or email us. We will be happy to help you find everything you need.

Stick On Vents: Easily ventilate your shrink wrapped boat or equipment with stick on vents. Ventilation reduces condensation and mildew growth during storage. Pro-Tect Plastics sells plastic vents with adhesive backing that have a 4” outer diameter and 1 ¾” inner hold diameter.

Desiccant Bags: These 300 gram bags are used to reduce moisture and condensation under a sealed shrink wrapped object or boat when venting is not used. They are particularly effective for moisture control during transport.

Poly Foam Padding:  Our high density poly foam is used for padding sharp corners or other parts that could potentially puncture the shrink wrap film. They are available in 6" or 12" width with 225' length and 1/4" thickness.

How To Shrink Wrap Large Objects Video: How To Guide for Containment: This step-by-step guide teaches the Pro-Tect Plastics Environmental Containment Process for shrink wrapping around scaffolding on a construction project. Includes a how-to video and a printable training manual. Available on Flash Drive or Instant Download.