Pro-Wrap Construction Shrink Wrap Film - 9 mil

Construction Non FR

$264.00 - $663.00
110.00 LBS
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The 9 mil Pro-Wrap industrial shrink wrap film is most commonly used for large equipment, weatherization projects, and transportation protection of important equipment.  Our Pro-Wrap is used extensively for construction project weatherization, painting and special coatings operations.  This provides protection from inclement weather where temperature and moisture must be controlled in order for the work to proceed on schedule. 9 mil Pro-Wrap shrink film is cost effective and easily installed.  Technical support is only a call or email away or try the "How To"  instructions on flash drive or download.

  • Color: Opaque White

  • Thickness: 9 mil

  • 3 month UVI additivers for Ultra-Violet Resistance

When you need to store, contain, or transport construction equipment or supplies but do not require protection from fire damage, Pro-Tect Plastics has a solution. We offer 9 mil Pro-Wrap shrink wrap that provides complete construction containment and weatherization without the additional expense associated with flame retardant shrink wrap. 

Pro-Tect's Pro-Wrap shrink wrap is used extensively for construction project weatherization, painting and special coatings operations, outdoor storage, or transport. This heat shrink wrap conforms precisely to the shape of any piece of equipment. This provides complete protection from inclement weather, ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Protection from heavy duty shrink wrap allows the work to proceed on schedule, saving you time and keeping your budget in line. 

Our 9 mil Pro-Wrap construction shrink wrap film is cost effective and easily installed. If you need assistance planning for heat shrink wrap protection or installing shrink wrap on your job site, support from the experts at Pro-Tect Plastics is a phone call or email away. Please let us help you keep your project moving forward with shrink wrap solutions from Pro-Tect Plastics.