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The NEW Shrinkfast MZ UL heat gun comes with a carrying case, auto igniter, regulator, 25' propane hose and UL guard.  This new shrink wrap heat gun kit is a smaller version of the Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun.  The MZ is geared towards the DIY Market for smaller projects, such as shrink wrapping your boats, RV's, Outdoor Equipment / Furniture for outdoor storage or for those businesses that want protection while they transport / store their products. The less intimidating, smaller flame spread provides an even heat that will enable the user to easily get into all the nooks and crannies of most smaller projects.  The MZ also offers an innovative ignition system that does NOT require a spark plug.

  • Complete Kit weight: 17 lbs.

  • Heat gun itself is lightweight - 1.75 lbs

  • Ergonomic design for extended use

  • Perfectly balanced for operator comfort

  • Cool combustor for operator safety

  • Extremely durable

  • 50,000 BTU/HR @ 22 PSI 

  • Full one year factory warranty

  • Made in the USA

Portability: The Shrinkfast MZ heat gun is completely portable and hand held. It can be easily carried to any job inside or out.

Versatility: This adjustable heat gun provides five-sided protection for any size or shape load from small uneven pallets to large pieces of machinery.

Economy: Uses less than three cents of fuel per pallet, making it the least expensive way to shrink wrap and competitive with low energy stretch systems.

Speed: The Shrinkfast heat gun can shrink a 40" x 48" x 60" pallet in less than four minutes, and is easy to operate requiring no training or set-up time.

  Click here for additional information on Heat Gun use and LP Gas safety

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