Shrinkfast 998 Rebuild Kit


6.00 LBS
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Shrinkfast 998 Rebuild Kit includes everything you need to rebuild your 998 model of the Shrinkfast heat gun. The parts list includes:

 Part #
#2 O-Ring    PA-998-2  1
#6 O-Ring PA-998-6  2
 Retainer PA-998-7  2
 Left Housing w/Label   PA-998-16  1
 Right Housing w/Label  PA-998-15       1    
Trigger Ignitor        PA-998-17/18  1
Safety  PA-998-20  1
Assembly Screws  PA-998-29  10
Button  PA-998-31  1
#33 O-Ring  PA-998-33  2
Combustor w/Screen (OPTIONAL)  PA-998-30  1

The parts kit we are selling here includes the Combustor, the last item.

Below is a step-by-step video of how to rebuild your Shrinkfast 998 heat gun: