Image Gallery

Broadway Bridge Painting - Portland, OR

Year: 2016

January Hawthorn

Tower Bridge - Sacramento, CA

August 2002
Customer: Sunbelt Rentals
Lead Abatement and Coatings Project

Park St. Bridge - Alameda, CA

Trinity Bridge - Lewiston, CA

Summer 1998
Customer: FD Thomas
Lead Abatement Project with an 8 mil FR Shrink Film

Hawthorne Bridge - Portland, OR

Spring 1998
Customer: Abhe & Svoboda, Inc.
Lead Abatement Project

Bradley Bridge - Bradley, CA

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA

Quick Deck Containment

Yaquina Bay Bridge - Newport, Oregon

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Pro-Tect Plastics has helped countless customers across a multitude of industries. This gallery highlights real-life cases of industrial shrink film being used to heat shrink wrap bridges. We carry flame retardant film that is often used in these large scale environmental containment projects. Large scale projects like this benefit from our Environmental Containment Process. 


The Pro-Tect Plastics’ Environmental Containment Process is fairly simple to perform with the proper equipment, tools, and heat shrink wrap. You need:

● A framework, such as scaffolding
● Special hi-tensile strength strapping
● Specifically formulated adhesive heat shrink tape
● Industrial shrink wrap
● The Shrinkfast 998 propane shrink wrap heat gun