Heat Shrink Wrap Training

Industrial heat shrink wrapping can be intimidating and you want to work safely and without causing any damage to your product or large equipment. We are here if you have any questions and we have created and collected the below resources:

How to Shrink Wrap Your Project Written Guides

How to Shrink Wrap Large Objects Instructions
We wrote this 8-step How-To Guide for heat shrink wrapping of commercial equipment and larger projects. The basic methods and materials are used for larger items such as construction and scaffolding.

Shrink Wrap Attachment Methods
There are 4 main ways of starting and stopping the industrial heat shrink wrap process. We discussed some in a past blog post. We also sell complete kits for shrink wrapping boats and marine equipment using 2 different methods.

Selecting the Right Thickness for your Industrial Heat Shrink Wrap
We offer heat shrink wrap from 6 mil thickness and up which is considered heavy duty or commercial strength shrink wrap. Our thickest is 12 mils thick and is used for demanding projects like construction or building containment. Read the above post to learn what might work well for your large project.

Free Heat Shrink Wrap Training Videos

Below is a video of us shrink wrapping a helicopter. It is time-lapsed so the whole process only takes 2 minutes:

Using a ShrinkFast 998 Shrink Wrap Heat Gun Video

ShrinkFast 998 Rebuild Video
We are big believers in the ShrinkFast brand of heat guns and carry parts, rebuild kits or can even rebuild your Shrinkfast heat gun for you if you would like. Below is a video on how to rebuild the Shrinkfast 998.

We also sell Shrink Wrap Video Training Courses

How to Successfully Heat Shrink Wrap Your Large Equipment Video

Below is a free sample of our industrial heat shrink wrap training that you can purchase and download today or have a thumb drive mailed to you with your next order. Pro-Tect’s Shrink Wrap Tutorial Video shows you step by step instructions on how to install a professional shrink wrap containment system.

Here is a sample:

This is available for sale for $35 for download or $49.95 for a thumbdrive. You can find this located in our products section.

How to Shrink Wrap Boat Video
We have a "How To" for boats, marine equipment and packaging available for $10 for download or $15.00 for a thumb drive. It shows us shrink wrapping a boat from start to end and has a printable, fully pictured training manual showing step by step how to shrink wrap your boats and marine equipment for storage and transport.

Shrink Wrap Training by Phone or InPerson Training

Pro-Tect technical service representatives are available for professional consulting and the training of your personnel by phone, zoom or on-site. We want your shrink wrap project to be a success and we are willing to support you in every way. Our Pro-Tect shrink wrap containment professionals have been around the world teaching and guiding construction, shipping and warehouse personnel on how to install Class 1A shrink wrap containment safely and with the best results. Let us know if you would like us to visit you and

We can help you quote your shrink wrap containment or packaging job.

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