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The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun give you everything you need to fuse or shrink industrial shrink wrap. This kit comes with a carrying case, auto igniter, regulator, 25' propane hose and a UL guard.  This shrink wrap heat hun is the best one in the market in our opinion. With adjustable heat and rotating combustor it shrinks faster and more consistent than other models.

  • Kit weight: 20 lbs.

  • Heat gun is lightweight - 2 lbs, 2 oz

  • Ergonomic design for extended use

  • Perfectly balanced for operator comfort

  • Cool combustor for operator safety

  • Extremely durable

  • Adjustable power 134,000 BTU/HR @ 15 PSI to 212,000 BTU/HR @ 30 PSI

  • Full one year factory warranty

  • Made in the USA

  • Factory reconditioning service and parts available

Portability: The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun is completely portable and hand held. It can be easily carried to any job inside or out.

Versatility: This adjustable propane heat gun provides five-sided protection for any size or shape load from small uneven pallets to large pieces of machinery.

Economy: Adjustable heat gun uses less than three cents of fuel per pallet, making it the least expensive way to shrink wrap and competitive with low energy stretch systems.

Speed: The Shrinkfast heat gun can shrink a 40" x 48" x 60" pallet in less than two minutes, and is easy to operate requiring no training or set-up time.

Complete line of Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun parts, repair parts or factory rebuild is available for all Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) equipment.

Click here for additional information on Heat Gun use and LP Gas safety

Do you need to protect your property during long-term storage, oversea shipments, or equipment from mothballing? The easiest way to ensure that you’re providing an extra layer of protection is through shrink wrapping.

Luckily, Shrinkfast was designed as a shrink wrap gun that can quickly handle the largest of jobs. With the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun, you’re holding over 200,000 BTUs of power, making short work of wrapping anything from a simple pallet to a military helicopter.

In fact, the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) can wrap a standard shipping pallet in less time than it takes to brew a coffee. If you’re looking for a Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun for sale, the leading distributor Pro-Tect Plastics has you covered.

Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) Heat Guns

The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) offers a sleek ergonomic form and a fan-shaped combustor. This innovative design allows the Shrinkfast gun to distribute heat steadily and evenly. With a Shrinkfast heat gun, you can quickly shrink our premium film with minimal fear of causing damage.

Pro-Tect does more than just offer 200 (Formerly 998) shrink wrap guns for sale, we also supply the extensions and replacement parts necessary to keep your shrink wrap guns in proper working condition.

With the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) heat gun, no job is out-of-reach as the unit is completely portable. Whether you need to shrink wrap pallets inside a warehouse or a boat next to the dock, the handheld 200 (Formerly 998) can be taken anywhere.

Its portability is coupled by its economical use. Created to not only be effective at quickly wrapping pallets and large machinery, this adjustable heat gun can accomplish it for pennies.

The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) shrink wrap heat gun is portable, easy to use, yet designed for industrial use. Despite being perfectly balanced for operator use and only weighing a meager 2.2 pounds, the 200 (Formerly 998) model is extremely durable and is renowned for its longevity.

However, if you find that you need a replacement part or if your shrink wrap gun needs servicing, the customer support at Pro-Tect is waiting to help. We can even perform a complete factory rebuild for your Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998)!

Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) Industrial Applications

Pro-Tect offers shrink wrapping solutions for any application. Applying industrial strength shrink wrapping gives everything from small machinery to large buildings a durable exterior skin that is inexpensive as well as labor-friendly. Combined with the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998), you can soon be wrapping boats, planes, water towers, and bridges. This extra layer will provide winterization and coverage for either a temporary respite or a long-term solution.

With the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) and Pro-Tect’s industrial shrink wrap film, you can create shrink wrap contaminants for home use or even construction sites. We even offer both flame retardant and non-flame retardant films in 8 to 12 mil thickness.

Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) Safety

The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) has been designed with safety in mind. This shrink wrap gun is UL® and CE certified, meaning that it has gone through intensive testing by both the U.S. and European regulating bodies.

The Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) comes with several safety features, including:

“Dead-man” trigger

The “dead-man” trigger is a term that means when a trigger is no longer compressed, it shuts off. Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) will cut the flow of propane fuel once the trigger is released, putting out the flame.

Combustion cycle

One of SF Tools’s patented designs allows the flame of the 200 (Formerly 998) to burn outside of the combustor. This combustion cycle allows the shrink wrap gun to remain cool to the touch during use.

Excess Flow Device

With a UL® certification, the regulator assembly has an integrated Excess Flow Device. This unit cuts the flow of fuel if the hose is damaged or has a problematic leak.

UL® approved 25’ hose

The strongest hose in the shrink wrapping and heat gun industry can withstand nearly 300 lbs of pressure.

Integrated Extension System

The 200 (Formerly 998) is extremely flexible, allowing the operator to safely and easily shrink wrap difficult to access areas. With a quick release system, adding different extensions can be done in a snap.

Trust Pro-Tect Plastics

Pro-Tect prides itself on being the leading distributor of SF Tools shrink wrap guns. As a company specializing in a variety of shrink wrap solutions, ranging from flame retardant industrial shrink wrap to boat wraps and pallet bags, we also offer the tools for any industrial containment, no matter the size of the job.

With the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998), we offer the complete shrink wrap containment system to package your equipment for transport and storage. Whether you’re wrapping buildings, ships, or bridges, our exterior coatings offer superior weatherization.

At Pro-Tect, we believe our customers are number one and deserve the best in quality installations and professional service. For our clients that need to protect their property with shrink wrap, we offer the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998).

If you would like to learn more about the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998), or are looking for solutions to help you winterize or protect your equipment for storage or shipping, contact Pro-Tect Plastics at (800) 889-WRAP or fill out our online form.

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