Premium Shrink Wrap Tape - 9.5 mil


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Heat shrink wrap tape has a variety of industrial applications and uses. Shrink wrap tape, sometimes called plastic wrap tape, can be used to tape off heat shrink wrap material, seam two pieces of shrink film together, for the installation of vents, to attach zipper access hatch windows or doors, or to repair minor tears in shrink wrap film. Heat shrink tape materials are flexible enough to conform to nearly anything without compromising thickness or the adhesion power needed for a secure bond. Get the protection your equipment or project needs with heat shrink tapes from Pro-Tect Plastics. 

Pro-Tect Plastics sells only the highest standard 9.5 mil heat shrink tape products. Our blue, white, and clear heat shrink wrap tape has a high tack adhesive that supplies total security and reliability under most temperature and moisture conditions. 

What makes heat shrink wrap tape better than other tapes?

● Shrink wrap tape is made of more flexible materials to conform to any shape.

● The adhesive on shrink wrap tape is far stronger for a secure bond and seal.

● Heat shrink tape has the thickness required to last under the most severe conditions.

● Shrink wrap tape will stay bonded in most temperature or humidity levels.

Adhesive heat shrink tape is an important addition to the resources, tools, and system you put in place to protect valuable possessions and components. Heat shrink wrap tape is the perfect complement when shrink wrapping standard tools, materials, or merchandise and also has specific qualities applicable to marine/boat and electrical uses. Please note that heat wrap tape does not shrink like heat shrink wrap does. Use the tape heat for heat shrink tubing or quick shrink tubing or standard tubing. 

Shrink Wrap Tape:  This 9.5 mil thick shrink wrap tape comes in 2", 4", and 6" widths by 165' and 180' lengths. Colors include White, Clear and Blue. Shrink wrap tape is widely used as a method of attachment of the shrink film, in heat seaming shrink film together and for repairing small holes and thin spots. This shrink wrap tape really comes in handy on making wide shrink wrap sheets for roof covers using cables for insulation of the roof on industrial sandblasting and coating jobs.

Do you need help as you shop for new heat shrink tape for your project or equipment? Are you wondering how shrink wrap tape can help you complete your heat shrink wrapping projects in the most effective way? We will be happy to help you pick products and accessories within the heat shrink tape or other categories of shrink wrap products available on our website. Pro-Tect Plastics is here by email or phone during every business day. We want to hear from you so please feel free to contact us!