Construction Zipper Door, 36" X 84"


2.25 LBS
36" x 84" Zipper Construction Door, Clear
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This Construction zipepr door has 2 straight zippers, that when unzipped (upwards), allows you to roll the middle material up (using tape to hold it up) to open up the doorway. You can also leave the door flap down and the rest unzipped and push it as you walk in and out for dust control but easy ingress and egress for all your crew.

Installation:  Tape both sides and the top, leaving the bottom free, unzip both zippers and cut out shrink film underneath and zip the zippers back up. 

Material Dimensions:  36" W x 84" H  Opening Dimensions:  28" W x 76" H

Note:  As with the zipper hatches, you do NOT shrink the construction doors.  They are installed AFTER you have shrunk your project.