Heat Shrink Wrap for Boats & Marine Equipment - 7 mil

7 Mil

$133.00 - $595.00
98.00 LBS
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Pro-Tect's 7 mil boat and marine heat shrink wrap is widely used for packaging, storage and transport of boats and your other marine equipment. Our white boat shrink wrap film has 1 year UVI additives for Ultraviolet Resistance.

To choose the correct marine heat shrink wrap film width, you will need to measure down about 8" or more from the top of one side of your boat or other marine equipment to get your starting point, then measure up and over the width of the boat or marine equipment including everything that will be shrink wrapped and down the other side about 8" or more. For further instructions on wrapping other large objects see our blog post on wrapping large objects. After figuring out your boat or marine equipment measurement, you can match it to the closest width size roll of 7 mil heat shrink wrap. You may also be interested in how to shrink wrap boat video

*Note: our heat shrink wrap materials are also able to be welded (heat seamed) to make larger widths if needed by using the Shrinkfast 200 (Formerly 998) Heat Gun Kit, Pro-Tect's heavy duty spray adhesive and Shrink Wrap Tape.