Industrial Shrink Wrap

Industrial shrink wrap is a construction tool you can use to make a tough skin-tight shroud that is cost effective, labor friendly and contains dust and debris in your job site. Shrink wrap containments for bridges, buildings, water towers or any type of containment including winter containments, building , construction project weatherization and temporary site shelters from nature's elements on a long term or temporary basis. Pro-Tect provides shrink wrap flame retardant and non flame retardant in 8 to 12 mil thickness along with supplies that when installed properly on an engineered scaffold wrap system is a Class 1 containment enclosure and can enhance trades production time throughout the year.

Industrial shrink wrap can be used to protect and store virtually any large item, vehicle, equipment or construction project. One of the best qualities of heat shrink wrap is its absolute versatility. You can secure and protect very large objects with shrink wrap. Marine, construction, agriculture, transportation, and industries of every kind turn to shrink wrap for safe, complete storage of valuable equipment. In this category you will find all our products in one place or search the categories above organized by usage.