General Purpose Shrink Wrap

The clear heat Shrink Wrap materials shown here are for smaller general shrink wrapping usage or for areas that require visibility as to what's under/inside the plastic wrap.

For quick and easy protection of palletalized items, use either our clear Shrink Pallet Cover Bags or the clear non shrink Pallet Cover Bags.

We also have a clear Shrink Tubing for those items that have varying lengths. Cut off as much heat shrink wrap as you need for each one and heat seam the ends.

Our Pallet Stretch Wrap is not a shrink wrap, but can be used on pallets or multiple packages, by winding around the items multiple times to keep everything bundled together for transport. You might want to use this if you need to open a pallet in the middle of a load or don't have the equipment to heat shrink a pallet bag.

You can even shrink wrap cars and other modes of transportation! If you just want to protect the hood, fenders and trunk of a car while you repair or transport it you might want to consider Transportation Tape wide enough to cover the painted surfaces you are concerned about.

Storing a motorcycle for the winter? What about making sure your snowmobile stays clean and protected during warm months? Heat shrink wrap can do all of that and more, faster than you may think.