Discover the ways that shrink wrap for weatherization can be used to protect and improve completion times of building projects.

Fall 2014
Customer: Adroit Construction
Weatherization wall of new construction, using 9 mil Shrink Wrap

Tigers Eye Weatherization - Vail, CO

Nordstroms Warehouse - Portland, OR

Customer: Munters Moisture
Wall Containment for drying out flooded warehouse

Portable Shelter - Houston, TX

Shrink Wrapping temporary portable shelter,

using 9 mil F/R Shrink Film

Concrete Forms (After)

Concrete Forms (After)

Vessel Marine Cover (Before)

Vessel Marine Cover (After)

Lead Abatement Containment Room

Semi Conductor Plant - Portland, OR

Construction Project - Vancouver, WA

Cover All Building - Anchorage, AK

Spring 2003
Interior Vapor Liner

Wal-Mart Greenhouse - Talent, OR

Temporary Greenhouse for seasonal growing

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We can’t change the weather but we can stop it from interrupting your building projects! Discover the ways that heat shrink wrap, shrink tape, and shrink wrap guns can be used to protect building projects and improve completion times, regardless of the weather.