Shrink Wrap Tape - 8 mil Gray Fire Retardant


$11.00 - $22.00
3.15 LBS
4" x 60 yds (180')
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Fire retardant shrink wrap tape is used for taping off the material, seaming of two pieces of shrink film, attaching zipper hatch windows/doors, and minor repairs and maintenance. Our fire retardant shrink tape is flexible and can conform to most everything. Gray flame retardant 8 mil heat shrink tape has a high tack adhesive for a secure bond.

It meets the National Fire Protection (NFPA) standard 701 fire tests for tents, tarps, banners, and other architectural fabrics. It also conforms to ASTM E84 flame spread tests for construction and building projects. Custom roll widths available from 1" to 16".