Black And White Reinforced Poly Film

PGH-Reinforced Blk/Wht

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Greenhouses aren't always the sunny enclosures we associate with growing viable looking plants. Odd as it might seem, light deprivation greenhouse has been found to stimulate flowering of angiosperms, and here's where light deprivation film that is Black on one side and White on the other comes in to assist. Some people call that Panda Greenhouse film. Over the years it's been found that flowering plants keep track of how long they're in the dark. It now comes down to this: control the dark hours and you can get your plant to flower. For some plants, a single season flowering plant could now flower multiple times per year with a light deprivation greenhouse! Pro-Tect has 9 and 12 mil reinforced blackout film for sale.

What is a Light Deprivation Greenhouse?
Traditionally, the grow cycle involves a single grow season which provides a single harvest per year. But, with a light deprivation greenhouse you can extend to multiple grow seasons. The light deprivation is popular with full time farmers who are looking to do more commercial light deprivation greenhouse situations to create artificial growing conditions for either year round growing or tricking plants into thinking it's Autumn early and speeding up the plants flowering process. Light deprivation essentially controls the hours of light your cannabis plant receives. We do not have light dep greenhouses for sale, but we do have light dep greenhouse curtains for sale. Our light dep greenhouse curtains are fully customizable in size.

In the winter, when growing is not an option you light deprivation greenhouse kits can have temperature and climate control with a single layer of blackout tarp or an air inflated blackout tarp. An air inflated light deprivation greenhouse can hold temperature year round and create optimal growing conditions. You can cover your clear Polyethylene cover with a light deprivation tarp for a winter grow using an artificial light source. Air inflating this double layer greenhouse will insulate the greenhouse and retain heat as well as help your structure withstand extreme winter conditions. 

Choosing a Black and White Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cover
A greenhouse light deprivation cover is black on one side and white on the other. You cover your greenhouse with the black side down to trick your plants into thinking it's darker earlier. The white side goes out to reflect the sunlight and keep a consistent temperature inside. 

We only do custom sized orders in black/white 9 mil and 12 mil reinforced plastic. That's right, you choose the roll size you need. Reinforced light deprivation greenhouse covers shipped to you in 3-4 days after your order. 

Above is price per square foot. You can enter the number of square feet you need if you know it or contact us and we will help you calculate how much you need and the exact dimension of the sheet(s) we should cut for you. We will also help calculate the shipping to your location or have you pick it up at our Oregon warehouse.

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