Refurbishment of the US Capital Dome - Washington DC

Condo (front) - Daly City, CA

Summer 1999
Customer: Saarman Construction
Mold Abatement Project using 9 mil F/R Shrink Film

Embassy Suites - Portland, OR

Winter 1998
Customer: Western Partitions
Weatherization using 8 mil F/R Shrink Film

Oakland Building - Oakland, CA

Asbestos Abatement/Demolition Project

Lucky Lager Brewery - Vancouver, WA

Marriot Hotel - Vail, CO

Parking Structure - Redwood City, CA

Berkley High School - Berkley, CA

Asbestos Roof Containment - Cohasset, CA

Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport - Medford, OR

Fall 2008
Adroit Construction
Exterior Finish System on new Control Tower using 10.5 mil F/R Shrink Film

Colorado State Capitol - Denver, CO

Winter 2012
Customer: Atlantic Scaffolding
Restoration of Capitol Dome Containment. Up for 2 years using 10.5 mil F/R Shrink Film

Pro-Tect Plastics carries Heat shrink plastic products that are so versatile they can even be used to heat shrink wrap buildings! This image gallery highlights some of the many uses of industrial shrink wrap for buildings and structures. Mold abatement, refurbishments, demolition, and asbestos removal are just some of the projects that rely on heat shrink wrap for containment and weatherization. Large scale projects like this benefit from our Environmental Containment Process.


The Pro-Tect Plastics’ Environmental Containment Process is fairly simple to perform with the proper equipment, tools, and heat shrink wrap. You need:
● A framework, such as scaffolding
● Special hi-tensile strength strapping
● Specifically formulated heat shrink wrap tape
● Industrial shrink wrap sheets
● The Shrinkfast 998 propane heat gun


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