Tufflite IR/AC Greenhouse Film

PGH-Clear IR/AC 4yr

$442.00 - $808.00
150.00 LBS
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Tufflite is one of the top brands for greenhouse film. It is durable and long lasting. Give us a call if you would like a custom quote for your greenhouse.

Tufflite IR/AC Agricultural Greenhouse Film Supply and Installation

Tufflite Greenhouse Poly plastic is the original "colorless" polyethylene greenhouse covering. For over twenty years, growers have covered their income (crops) with Tufflites, a time-tested product that has provided protection from rain and strong sunlight alike! The HALS formula system in these newer versions of the agricultural film incorporate UV inhibitors for even better durability against weathering elements while still being able to withstand high temperatures without cracking or peeling away. Other materials may do so easily when exposed to heat sources such as sun exposure during summer months when there isn't much humidity around. This can cause you more problems since water vapor expansion forces air to expand. Tufflite is a durable agricultural film cover that has been providing excellent results for years. The newest generation of it, Tufflite IR/AC provides even more savings and efficiency to your greenhouse operation! Give us a call today to order new greenhouse film or to get a bid for us to help install it.

Dependable and Weather Resistant

Different parts of the country and world have different challenges when it comes to weather. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have extremely harsh winters. It is important to install a an agricultural greenhouse film that will withstand heavy wind, rain, hail, and extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Affordable and Quality

A combination of affordable and quality is where most people want to be regarding their greenhouses. While glass has some advantages, it is extremely expensive. Tufflite will last for years and help you to get the most out of your crops while not breaking the bank to install or replace.

Benefits of Tufflite Agricultural Greenhouse Film

Tufflite plastic is a great option for greenhouses. It offers a variety of advantages and is an affordable option compared to glass. This long lasting, durable plastic may be the perfect addition to your greenhouse!

  • Tufflite plastic comes in different sizes making it affordable for different budgets and projects. 

  • It is UV resistant but allows sunlight through that is crucial to getting your plants to maturity.

  • It will last about 4 years, maybe longer depending on the environment and climate.

  • It allows you to extend your growing season and protect against various elements. If you are in the market for Tufflite, you probably know all of this already. Give us a call to place an order or to ask more specific questions regarding your project!

Thermal Conductance of Greenhouse Films

Thermal conductance of polyethylene film is relatively high but varies between specific brands of polyethylene (i.e. Tufflite, Standard UV, Tufflite Dripless, Fog Bloc, Sun Saver, Dura-Therm ) and single versus double layers. Give us a call today to discuss what agricultural greenhouse film would work best for your project.

Best Greenhouse Film

Plastic greenhouses can be made of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copolymers of these materials and other readily available clear films. Polyethylene will last from 1 to 3 years depending on the type. Other films such as PVC or co-polymers with ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors last longer. (1) Knowing the ins and outs of the different products could end up saving you a ton of money and a huge headache. We spend time with our customers answering questions and making sure you have the right plastic for your needs. Our team will be happy to assist to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake and that you get the best customer service and products in our niche.