Clear Reinforced Greenhouse Plastic

PGH-Reinforced Clear

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Plant life in the greenhouse stage can do a crop a lot of good under the right circumstances, so how should our greenhouses be covered to grow healthy starts that result in good returns? The answer revolves around the characteristics of the clear or light diffusing greenhouse film, level of protection the greenhouse plastic sheeting offers, tensile strength, and condensation considerations. If you want a superb grow that's going to bring you results year after year, take some time to ponder the long term view and go with a greenhouse plastic film that's proven to work. One type of greenhouse covering that's virtually a household word is made with polyethylene plastic; it's used commercially and for the home. You probably already know that straight polyethylene film for greenhouse works great, but Pro-Tect’s Clear Reinforced Greenhouse Film is polyethylene on steroids; it's super strong, can take a major beating from UV rays and meets or exceeds the demands of all the seasons. There's no comparing the merits of 6 mil greenhouse plastic to the superior strength and versatility of reinforced greenhouse plastic film.

If your grow area is prone to harsh weather conditions, Pro-Tect’s clear or light diffusing greenhouse plastic may be the choice cover film to use. With straight 6 mil greenhouse plastic, it doesn't take long for UV light to destabilize plastic, and difficult weather can speed up the process. With clear 9 or 12 mil greenhouse plastic UV light is dealt with in a highly stabilized way taking up to 10 years to degrade.
Pro-Tect’s Reinforced greenhouse film is vastly better than straight polyethylene because it's weather-proof, rot and mildew resistant and inhibits fungus spores. Pro-Tect’s greenhouse plastic doesn't expand, contract or even tear if punctured, and because it's highly stable it's ideally suited where there are extremes in weather. Finally, our greenhouse plastic product is better at controlling condensation inside greenhouse environments over regular poly film. This means that at night fall, inside greenhouse temperatures are maintained at a higher level, insuring continued healthy plant life. Research has shown that poly film can increase color and compactness and can accelerate crop development.

Above is price per square feet. You can enter the number of square feet you need if you know it or contact us and we will help you select products and the size you need.

We only do custom sized orders in clear 9 mil and 12 mil reinforced with anti-condensation and without anti-condensation. That's right, you choose the roll size you need. We cut it to order and send you exactly the amount and dimensions you need.

Clear Reinforced greenhouse plastic covers shipped to you 3-4 days after your order.  Contact us for pricing on your roll size.