Poly Woven Strapping and Buckles


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19.00 LBS
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Our Poly Woven Strapping is one of several ways to attach shrink wrap to buildings and equipment. This tends to be a very secure method and is good for outdoor and adverse weather conditions. Our shrink wrap strapping can act as a reinforcement for the plastic sheets, by using it for a side wall or roof cover support, this will enhance stability. Poly strapping is also used for boats and equipment packaging when using the "belly band" method of attachment.  To do so you can place it at the bottom of the shrink wrap on a boat where the top is wrapped but the bottom is left unwrapped. It makes a clear strong termination and will prevent wind from getting under the wrap.  It also is an installing tool, by "dog-earing" the ends of the shrink wrap plastic so that your personnel can maneuver the plastic up or down on the project.