Pro-Wrap Heavy Duty Construction Shrink Wrap Film 8 mil

PF-Construction- 8mil

$236.00 - $354.00
100.00 LBS
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Our 8 mil Pro-Wrap heavy duty heat shrink film is most commonly used for wrapping large equipment, commercial buildings, or for transport and storage. Pro-Tect's 8 mil heavy duty heat shrink film is used extensively for packaging of large equipment, boats, or anything needing a slightly heavier protection for outside storage and/or transport by highway or ocean. This 8 mil heavy duty heat shrink film is also used for lighter construction containment and weatherization of buildings or scaffolding. This heavy duty heat shrink wrap film is very cost effective and easily installed. Technical support is only a call or email away.

Opaque White, With 9 month UVI stabilizers added for Ultraviolet Resistance.