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Boat plastic covers must adapt and fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. Discover the many customers' shrink wrap boats that Pro-Tect has helped secure.

Shrink Wrapped Boat

Rogue Jet Boatworks - Boatwrap with Outboard Motor

Rogue Jet Boatworks

Rogue Jet Boatworks - 22 foot

Thea Foss- Seattle, WA

Summer 1996
Customer: Foss Maritime
Weatherization cover for work to be done inside, using 7 mil Shrink Film

Large Yacht - Vancouver, WA

Spring 1998
Customer: Christianson Boat Yard
Wrapped for outdoor storage and transport. Notice how small the semi truck looks next to it.

Fishing Boat - Medford, OR

Fish Rite Boat - to Russia

Jet Skis

Large Boat

Race Boat

Wild River Boats

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Marine heat shrink film is the most effective material available to secure and store a boat in the off season. Boats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Heat shrink films adapt and fit ideally. All that is needed is heat shrink wrap for marine use, specially formulated heat shrink tape, and a shrink wrap gun. Discover the many types of boats that our customers have shrink wrapped with Pro-Tect Plastics’ heat shrink wrap. Need help shrink wrapping your boat? We can help! Our step-by-step guide teaches how to shrink wrap a boat or other odd shaped packaging items. Includes a how-to video and a printable training manual. Available on Flash Drive or Instant Download.