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Discover the ways that shrink wrap for weatherization can be used to protect and improve completion times of building projects.

Lithia Volkswagen Building - Medford, OR

Fall 2014
Customer: Adroit Construction
Weatherization wall of new construction, using 9 mil Shrink Wrap

Tigers Eye Weatherization - Vail, CO

Nordstroms Warehouse - Portland, OR

Customer: Munters Moisture
Wall Containment for drying out flooded warehouse

Portable Shelter - Houston, TX

Shrink Wrapping temporary portable shelter, using 9 mil F/R Shrink Film

Concrete Forms (Before)

Concrete Forms (After)

Vessel Marine Cover (Before)

Vessel Marine Cover (After)

Lead Abatement Containment Room

Semi Conductor Plant - Portland, OR

Construction Project - Vancouver, WA

Cover All Building - Anchorage, AK

Spring 2003
Interior Vapor Liner

Wal-Mart Greenhouse - Talent, OR

Temporary Greenhouse for seasonal growing

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