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Shrink Wrap for environmental containment of sand blasting and abatement projects.  Shrink wrap uses include keeping the environment clear of particles and hazardous dust.  Containment shrink wrap is also used for weatherization for continued work during bad weather to keep on schedule.  We carry both Flame Retardant and non F/R shrink films in a variety of mil thicknesses and roll sizes.

Factory - Rancho Seco, CA

Parking Structure - Redwood City, CA

Clean Room - Vancouver, WA

Clean Room - Vancouver, WA

Customer: F.D. Thomas
Semi Conductor Plant Special Coatings Project

Medit Corp - Medford, OR

Folsom Dam - Folsom, CA

Folsom Dam - Folsom, CA

Summer 1996
Customer: Long Painting Co.
Spillway Gate Retrofit Containment using 8 mil F/R Shrink Film

PG&E Plant - Antioch, CA

Asbestos Containment

Fish Food Plant - Buel, ID

Summer 1996
Customer: ABBCO Sandblasting
Fire Restoration Containment with Wire Cable Framework using 8 mil F/R Shrink Film

Roof Cover - Cohasset, CA

Lead Abatement - Almeda, CA

Portable Dam Gate Lead Abatement - Vancouver, WA

Tank Farm - Vancouver, WA

Civic Center - Denver, CO

Customer: Triple P Pro-Tect/McCarthy Companies
New Construction Weatherization

Pro-Tect Plastics has helped countless customers across a multitude of industries. This gallery highlights real-life cases of industrial shrink film being used to heat shrink wrap plants, dams, factories, and other industrial sites. Properly installed heat shrink sheets keep the environment clear of particles and hazardous dust. We carry flame retardant film that is often used in these large scale environmental containment projects. Large scale projects like this benefit from our Environmental Containment Process. 

The Pro-Tect Plastics’ Environmental Containment Process is fairly simple to perform with the proper equipment, tools, and heat shrink wrap. You need:
A framework, such as scaffolding
Special hi-tensile strength strapping
Specifically formulated shrink wrap tape
Industrial shrink wrap
The Shrinkfast 998 heat gun for shrink wrapping



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