Choosing The Right Mil Thickness For Your Shrink Wrap

Mar 6th 2017

Choosing the right shrink wrap mil thickness for your project is vital to a successful wrap job at the right price. When it comes to plastic, a lot of people tend to think… “The thicker the better”. This statement is un-true. Industrial Shrink Wrap (when applied correctly) forms a tough-skin tight barrier that will provide adequate protection, regardless of the thickness of material. Some of the thicker material (such as 12 mil) can be harder to work with, especially when wrapping smaller projects that don’t require that type of Shrink Wrap, not to mention the price is much higher. Let’s explore the different projects and the best shrink wrap mil thickness fit.

Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap mil Thickness Ensures Success

Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap mil Thickness Ensures Success

Large or Small Equipment, Boat & Equipment Means Thinner Thickness

We recommend using 7 mil when doing these kinds of projects for transport, storage or packaging projects. The 7 mil Shrink Wrap is easy to work with and provides ample protection from the elements. This is actually the BEST material to use for weatherization because it is specially formulated with a 1 year UVI & EVA for Ultra-Violet Resistance. If you are wanting the material to be thicker than a 7 mil, an 8 mil will be your next best choice for these types of projects.

Construction, Containment & Exterior Coating Projects Requires Thicker Shrink Wrap

Let’s start this off with the difference between Flame Retardant material & Pro- Wrap (non F/R). Flame Retardant material has a unique additive to extinguish the plastic seconds after it is ignited. This shrink wrap material is often used when you will be performing “hot work” under the Shrink Wrapped area. Contractors also use F/R material if their project requires you to fall into compliance with NFPA Standards. Most State & Federal projects require this material. We carry Flame Retardant Shrink Film in the following mil thickness: 9 (most commonly used) , 10.5 & 12. Pro-Wrap is a great economical choice if you are not restricted to using the Flame Retardant material listed above. Pro-Wrap (non F/R) is available in 8, 9 & 10.5 mil thickness. This material works great for containment & is a better price point.