6 Tips for Long Lasting Greenhouse Film

Feb 1st 2019

Utilized Greenhouse Poly Utilizing these tips will help to increase the lifespan of your greenhouse plastic. Ensure maximum greenhouse longevity with quality greenhouse plastic sheeting from Pro- … read more

How to Shrink Wrap Scaffolding

Jan 30th 2019

Scaffold Shrink Wrap of the US Capitol in Washington, DC on August 25, 2015.Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply is an industry leader in scaffold shrink wrap. Learn our shrink wrap process and why our prod … read more

4 Methods to Attach Industrial Shrink Wrap

Mar 6th 2017

Shrink Wrapping of Large Equipment, Boats and Construction Projects is a useful tool for protection of the item(s) and the environment surrounding them. You can keep water, dust and other containments … read more