Is Shrink Wrapping a Boat Worth It?

Jan 29th 2020

All good things must come to an end, including boating season. No matter the climate, boats should be winterized to protect them through the cold season. As a boat owner, you may be wondering: is shri … read more

What Shrink Wrap Boat Supplies will you Need?

Jan 17th 2020

Prepping for your boat or industrial equipment containment correctly is the foundational step to a proper Shrink Wrap installation. Taking these steps prior to shrinking your material will help to ens … read more

Shrink Wrap Containment for Roof Protection

May 16th 2019

National Park Services Building in Santa Fe, NMPro-Tect would proudly like to announce the completion of the central region’s first heat shrink wrap containment job! We used a white flame retardant f … read more

Construction Heat Shrink Wrap for Bad Weather

Apr 19th 2019

Leaky roofs, construction delays or extreme weather can be very hazardous for the health of a home and family. With our How-To CD’s and help you can have your roof shrink wrapped in no time, or you ca … read more