Why You Need a Propane Heat Gun for Shrink Wrap

Mar 6th 2017

At Pro-Tect Plastic & Supply, Inc. our representatives have extensive experience in the field and have completed the Shrink Wrapping Process on a wide variety of projects using different methods. We know from experience: The Shrinkfast 998 Propane Shrink Wrap Heat Gun will support the most challenging projects more rapidly & cost-effectively than other heat tools available. The Shrink Wrapping Process calls for a special heat tool that conforms to the temperature range that properly shrinks the material (Note: Electric “hair style” Heat Guns and Heat Tunnels do not work with this type of Heat Shrink Film). Our Shrinkfast 998 Heat Guns produce 200,000+ BTUs of adjustable power with lightweight (only 2 lbs & 2 oz.), durable and flexible use.

Heat Tunnels

Heat Tunnels are geared towards thin PVC Films, RETG Films and PLA Films. Common uses for Heat Tunnels are products such as foods, beverages, baskets and small commodities. These are much smaller scale items than what you would use industrial Shrink Film for. The Heat Tunnel process produces constant heat that will melt the Shrink film. Our shrink film and process requires a slow/ sweeping motion of heat for heavy duty, protective application.

Electric Heat Guns

Plugin Electric Heat Guns will not produce the proper amount of forced hot air to properly shrink the film. Electric style guns are more commonly used for stripping or drying paint, heating electrical tubing, upholstering or repairing vinyl and more. Throughout our research, we have only come across one electric heat gun that will properly work with low-density polyethylene shrink film. It is a foreign product that costs thousands of dollars. In conclusion, these common heat tool options are not made for our industrial Shrink Film.

Top of the Line ShrinkFast 998 Heat Gun

Top of the Line ShrinkFast 998 Heat Gun

Shrinking Step of the “Heat Shrink Process”

The Heat Gun Tool is a MAJOR part of the Heat Shrinking Process. After you have attached and taped (depending on method) you will use your propane shrink wrap heat gun to start shrinking the material. You will start from the base of the object and move in a slow “sweeping” motion (important: do not heat one section for too long). You will want to move upward shrinking the material, saving the top for last. You also use the heat tool for seaming laps of material. The Shrinkfast 998 heat gun is durable, extremely easy to maneuver and control (without constant flame) making your project comfortable with a prompt completion.