Selecting Greenhouse Films for Double Layer Hothouses

Feb 4th 2019

Air-Inflated double lined what? No, we don’t mean it’s a blow up, no need to get light headed already. Just giving you the 411 on a great installation method for best usage of your greenhouses!! Let’s get to it!

Picture Courtesy of Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC

Air-inflated double 6 mil greenhouse plastic for greenhouses represent around 80% of new greenhouse construction in the United States. There is a multitude of reasons for this.

  • The double layer greenhouse plastic is porous, meaning both carbon dioxide and oxygen is able to come and go, allowing plants to survive within a tightly sealed structure such as a greenhouse. A surviving plant is a happy plant!
  • The use of an air-inflated greenhouse plastic sheeting system allows the grower to have an increased temp up to a 40 degree difference from outside, with no additional heating expenses. Big Savings, who doesn’t want that?!!
  • The dual layer greenhouse plastic makes the structure more weather resistant to harsh winter conditions, which means longer growing/harvesting times and very happy growers!

For an air-inflated, plastic greenhouse you must allow 4-8 inches in between two specially designed layers of 6 mil greenhouse plastic film. Can't decide what kind of greenhouse poly film to use?? Here’s some of our greenhouse films that are highly recommended: Thermax (condensation control) film, Luminance (highly diffused film), Super 4 and Black and White Light Deprivation Plastic.

The Outside Layer of Greenhouse Film

Should be a highly diffused (milky looking) film treated with UV inhibitors. Our Luminance greenhouse plastic film diffuses the sun so light reaches the plants from all different angles. This also keeps plants from being scorched by any uneven concentrations of sun light. Let’s keep the sunburns outside!

The Inner Layer of Greenhouse Film

Condensation control is what you are looking for in this layer. Thermax greenhouse plastic offers a unique directional condensation control which ensures condensation is spread out evenly into a uniform sheet on the interior surface of the film. The thin sheet of water is absorbed in the long-wavelength IR regions meaning it acts an additional barrier to radiant heat, ie. enhances thermicity. Non-drip control films allow droplets to form and drop onto plants often causing disease within greenhouse plants. With Thermax greenhouse film, this is eliminated.

Once you have your double layer of greenhouse plastic in place, what’s the next step? Install and run double layer inflation fans of course! One recycling inflow and one recycling outflow to keep everything all nice and happy!

Have any questions about our greenhouse plastic for sale or comments on air inflated 6 mil greenhouse plastic? We welcome you to give us feedback! Let’s Talk!