Recycling Plastic Sheeting & Shrink Wrap

Aug 2nd 2023

To recycle used shrink wrap or plastic sheeting, follow these steps:

1. Clean the plastic: Ensure the plastic is free from any contaminants like dirt or debris.

2. Check local recycling guidelines: Look up your local recycling rules to see if they accept shrink wrap or plastic sheeting. Some areas may not have facilities equipped to recycle certain types of plastics.

3. Contact recycling centers: If your local recycling program accepts these plastics, find the nearest recycling center or drop-off location.

4. Bundle or separate: If required, bundle or separate the plastic sheets to make it easier for recycling centers to handle.

5. Avoid mixing with other plastics: Keep the shrink wrap or plastic sheeting separate from other types of plastics to prevent contamination.

6. Recycle responsibly: Drop off the plastic at the designated recycling center or follow the instructions provided by your local recycling program.

If your area doesn't have recycling options for shrink wrap or plastic sheeting, consider reducing your plastic usage, reusing the materials where possible, or exploring alternative environmentally-friendly options.