Choosing a New Reinforced Greenhouse Cover

Feb 4th 2019

Choosing greenhouse plastic is the first decision made when covering your greenhouse kit. Greenhouse plastic sheeting needs to be efficient in performance and cost! Poly woven covers help protect plants from pests and weather. Pro-Tects’ custom sized greenhouse plastic material is thick and flexible which makes excellent growing conditions in single or double layer greenhouse plastic sheeting. Greenhouse plastic film protects your plants from UV rays and gives thermal protection while helping reduce excess condensation. We only do custom sized 9 and 12 mil reinforced clear greenhouse plastic. That’s right, any width and any length covers shipped to you in 3-4 days after order.

Clear 9 mil Reinforced Greenhouse Poly

Clear 9 mil Reinforced Greenhouse Poly

Single Layer Versus Double Layer Greenhouse Covers

Deciding on single layer green house plastic or double layer greenhouse plastic for sale depends on your situation. Single layer clear greenhouse plastic is good for a short term greenhouse growing, such as a summer grow. Single layer poly is cheaper and easier to put up, but it’s vulnerable to wind and low insulation. A double lined polyethylene greenhouse is popular with more serious year round growers.

The air inflated double layer greenhouse plastic covers are most popular due to its insulation properties and wind resistance. The air inflated poly creates space between the covers, 4 to 8 inches, which is ideal for retaining heat, keeping consistent temperatures and wind resistance.

Simply said, double greenhouse polyethylene covers create a comfortable environment for your plants in a multiple season greenhouse. The single layer poly greenhouse cover is great for a summer grow, but it does not hold heat well in the winter which creates high heating costs. The air inflated double layer poly greenhouse cover holds heat throughout the night and helps your greenhouse structure from damage in extreme weather conditions. It may be more expensive to get two poly layers but it’s worth it when growing happy and healthy plants.

Pro-Tect Plastics has multiple greenhouse plastic for sale in reinforced greenhouse plastic sheeting and also in 6 mil greenhouse plastic. We also have amazing light dep greenhouse options available in the same thicknesses and custom sizes! Our 9 Mil and 12 Mil reinforced polyethylene covers are light weight and stronger than the competitions. All our types of reinforced greenhouse plastic come in custom sized rolls and usually ship within 3 days! Our 6 mil greenhouse plastic sizes of Thermax, Luminance, Super 4 and Panda Film can be found here.

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