Recycling Plastic Sheeting & Shrink Wrap

Aug 2nd 2023

To recycle used shrink wrap or plastic sheeting, follow these steps:1. Clean the plastic: Ensure the plastic is free from any contaminants like dirt or debris.2. Check local recycling guidelines: Look … read more

How to Shrink Wrap a Boat

Jul 18th 2023

Shrink-wrapping a boat is a popular method for protecting it during transportation or storage. Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to shrink wrap a boat: 1. Gather the necessary materials: You’ … read more

How Shrink Wrap Is Made

Jul 11th 2023

Shrink wrap plastic is typically made from a type of polymer called polyethylene. The manufacturing process involves the following steps: 1. Polymerization: Ethylene gas is polymerized using high heat … read more