Light Deprivation Greenhouse Grows
Traditionally, the grow cycle involves a single grow season which provides a single harvest per year. But, with a light deprivation tarp you can extend to multiple grow seasons. The light dep technique is popular with full time farmers who are looking to create artificial growing conditions for either year round growing or tricking plants into thinking it's Autumn early and extending the plants flowering process for a more extended period.
An additional use of light deprivation tarps is in the winter time when growing conditions are not optimal. You can cover your greenhouse structure in a single layer or even air inflated double layer of light deprivation tarp. You can cover your clear Polyethylene cover with a light deprivation tarp for a winter grow using an artificial light source. Air inflating this double layer greenhouse will insulate the greenhouse and retain heat as well as help your structure withstand extreme winter conditions. 

Choosing A Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cover
A light deprivation tarp cover is black on one side and white on the other. You cover your greenhouse with the black side down to trick your plants into thinking it's darker earlier. The white side goes out to reflect the sunlight and keep a consistent temperature inside your greenhouse.

No matter the greenhouse structure we have your size! We make custom sized greenhouse tarp covers in blackout tarps and clear polyethylene covers for all your needs and sizes!

Agricultural innovations have always sought to extend growing seasons, yield more harvests, and increase sustainability while reducing the bottom line. One of the most effective and economical ways to improve your harvest is by switching to a light deprivation greenhouse.

Professionals and hobbyists across America are searching for light dep greenhouses for sale, so they can continue to grow a variety of crops throughout the year.

Why a Light Deprivation Greenhouse

If you’re a grower, you’ve probably considered switching to either an interior or external light dep greenhouse. This is mainly due to the fact that with a light deprivation greenhouse kit, you’ll save significantly on start-up costs without having to compromise on environmental controls. With a Pro-Tect commercial light deprivation greenhouse, the fruits of your labor will increase while your expenses will shrink.

Using one of our greenhouse light dep systems, you’ll benefit from more than a reduced overhead, you’ll harvest better crops. You’ll have all of the advantages of growing outdoors, but with the control over temperature and lighting of an indoor facility.

No matter the crop, they all need the same essential elements to mature successfully: nutrients, water, carbon dioxide, and light. If any of these four core elements are out of sync with the plant, obvious nutritional and physical properties become evident. However, with a light dep greenhouse kit, you have control over every aspect of the harvest to guarantee that the plant achieves its highest potential.

Interior vs. Exterior Light Deprivation Greenhouse

The type of light deprivation greenhouse you need is dependent on the weather of your growing location. At Pro-Tect, we want to ensure that you get the right greenhouse light deprivation system appropriate for your climate.

If you live in moderate to extreme climates where snow or extreme heat poses a threat to your harvest, an interior light deprivation system might be the best fit. We offer only the best light dep greenhouse for sale so that you can grow your plants to the maximum potential. Combined with our Panda Light Deprivation Plastic’s superior reflective and opaque white/black greenhouse film, you’re in control over the plant’s photoperiod.

If you live in temperate climates, a practical and economical choice would be to go with an exterior light deprivation greenhouse. These systems are usually at a less expensive price point and can easily be installed. An exterior light deprivation greenhouse kit still gives you total control over the environment while protecting your harvest from pests and mold.

Clear Polyethylene vs. Blackout Tarp Covers

Here at Pro-Tect, we offer several options when it comes to covering your greenhouse. You can choose between a variety of plastic and tarp films to provide light filtration, light deprivation, as well as temperature and moisture control.

The one that you choose will come down to the type of crop you hope to harvest. If you plan on growing a plant such as cannabis, you’ll want to have total control over its photoperiod, meaning that you’ll need to equip your greenhouse with a blackout tarp.

The benefit of a light dep blackout tarp/film is that they are sturdier and more durable than a standard plastic tarp. This added strength means that they’ll be less prone to tears, however, isn’t too thick to manage when letting in light.

Selecting a blackout tarp cover also has the added benefit of being resistant to the sun's UV rays' deterioration. Our Panda Premium films are UV stabilized to endure one year of UV exposure under normal circumstances. It's also free of any pinholes to guarantee that you have complete control over the light entering your greenhouse.

The best variation of a blackout tarp is to have one side white to reflect any light that tries to enter your light deprivation greenhouse and a black side to ensure a dark growing environment.

A clear polyethylene greenhouse film can also be UV stabilized to protect it from sun exposure. While it won’t provide you control over the lighting environment, it does provide anti-dust protection and can act as a good insulator or second layer.

If you live in a climate with snow and wind, a clear polyethylene can help protect your greenhouse from some of the harsher weather. It can also help to inhibit nighttime heat loss.

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