Light Deprivation Greenhouse Grows
Traditionally, the grow cycle involves a single grow season which provides a single harvest per year. But, with a light deprivation tarp you can extend to multiple grow seasons. The light dep technique is popular with full time farmers who are looking to create artificial growing conditions for either year round growing or tricking plants into thinking it's Autumn early and extending the plants flowering process for a more extended period.
An additional use of light deprivation tarps is in the winter time when growing conditions are not optimal. You can cover your greenhouse structure in a single layer or even air inflated double layer of light deprivation tarp. You can cover your clear Polyethylene cover with a light deprivation tarp for a winter grow using an artificial light source. Air inflating this double layer greenhouse will insulate the greenhouse and retain heat as well as help your structure withstand extreme winter conditions. 

Choosing A Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cover
A light deprivation tarp cover is black on one side and white on the other. You cover your greenhouse with the black side down to trick your plants into thinking it's darker earlier. The white side goes out to reflect the sunlight and keep a consistent temperature inside your greenhouse.

No matter the greenhouse structure we have your size! We make custom sized greenhouse tarp covers in blackout tarps and clear polyethylene covers for all your needs and sizes!

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