Durability and Control | Light Deprivation

Panda™ Premium® 5 mil is a highly reflective and opaque black and white poly film that can be used for either bench/ground cover or as a reflective blackout curtain for photoperiod control.

  • Brilliant white layer ensures maximum light reflectivity to aid in vegetable crop production.
  • Provides maximum control when used as a blackout curtain for your crops.
  •  Greenhouse blackout film reflects heat and cools better than shade cloth.
  •  This black and white poly film is designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of either foot traffic or retractable curtain systems, so that crop management control is not reduced in these higher-stress applications.
  • High strength at folds of the Panda film means higher resistance to punctures and tears. In any greenhouse plastic film, weaknesses can occur where the polymer strands are bent at a fold. Increased fold strength minimizes performance issues at these key areas.


The following information was developed under laboratory conditions to demonstrate the normal expansion and contraction of greenhouse films.  As temperatures increase (45°C = 113°F), greenhouse films will expand. As temperatures decrease (-20°C = 4°F), the greenhouse poly films will contract.  The amount of expansion and contraction is different in both length (machine direction) and width (transverse direction).   Typically, dimensional changes of 1 to 12 inches in length and 1 to 4 inches in width can be expected under field conditions. The actual expansion and contraction will vary with differences in black and white poly film width, gauge, formulation, and manufacturing conditions.   Allow for the normal expansion and contraction of the greenhouse blackout film during installation.  Single layer greenhouse film should be installed snugly, but should not be overly tight. Avoid stretching the greenhouse blackout film during installation. Double poly film  installations should provide enough slack in the top layer to allow 12” to 24” of inflation.