Boat Wrap Kit

Build You Own Shrink Wrapping Kit

Use our guideline to purchase the right sized boat wrap and the installation accessories for your boat such as heat shrink tape, strapping, vents and either a Shrinkfast Heat Gun kit rented or purchase.  We have all the boat plastic shrink wrap options!  Click for our Shrink Wrap Quick Guide


Boat shrink wrapping  is easy and economical way to protect and store your boat.  Removing it from your boat is just as simple and all the shrink film is 100% recyclable at your local recycle facility!

Also read more about our DIY Boat Wrap Kits.

Why use boat wrap to store your boat?

Winter can be a stressful time for the outside of your boat due to wind, moisture and more. One way to protect your boat throughout the cooler months is by using heat shrink boat wrap. This added layer of boat protection will keep moisture, weather, dust, debris and even bugs and animals away from your boat. Shrink wrap plastic boat wrap can be used for a short-term or long-term basis. Once installed, the boat can even be transported in its own containment which may save the expenses related to double handling your boat as well as reduce the risk of weather and road damage to your boat. 

How do you install the shrink wrap on your boat?

We have a full step by step training video for sale ($15.00) that includes a training manual that can be printed out.  Select "yes" at the bottom of the boat wrap kit page below!

Do we only offer shrink wrapping for your boat?

No, absolutely not! In addition to your boat, this shrink wrapping system can also be used to weatherize irregular shaped objects as well as palletized truckloads of equipment and commodities. Have a non boat object in mind that you aren't sure about? Give us a call.

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White 7 Mil Heat Shrink Boat Film for protecting your boats, equipment and other items for outdoor storage and transportation.
MIL:  7     Color:  White
Roll Weight: 90 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 2400
MIL:  7    Color:  White
Roll Weight: 65 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 1400
MIL:  7    Color:  White
Roll Weight: 70 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 1600
Mil: 7    Color:  White
Roll Weight: 77 lbs
Sq Ft/Roll: 2000
Premium 9.5 Mil White Shrink Wrap Tape for attachment of shrink wrap and for minor repairs of rips/holes.
A thinner tape used in shrink wrapping
A thinner tape used in shrink wrapping
10 Mil White Preservation Tape for paint sensitive areas. Won't remove paint, stickers, labeling etc and won't leave a residue
4" diameter stick on vents for air flow. Recommend 1 vent every 3-4 ' of boat length
1 bag For small boats up to 12' L . - 2 bags For medium boats up to 22' L . - 3 bags For large boats up to 33' L . - **Note: If using desiccant bags, do NOT use Vents. You want to maintain no airflow for the best results.
17 Fluid Ounces, Wide Web Spray, High Solids, No Chlorinated Solvents. Used for heat seaming overlapped shrink film and/or welding 2 pieces together.
Shrinkfast 998 and the New Shrinkfast MZ Heat Gun for Sale includes 25' hose, auto igniter, regulator/gauge, UL guards, carry case and 1 year factory warranty. Both Shrinkfast 975 and 998 available for lease on weekly basis. By adding the rental to your cart, you are accepting the lease agreement listed under our customer service tab.
Poly Woven Strapping, 950 lb tensile strength. For use in the "belly band" attachment method and for adding support in open areas.
Leather Safety Gloves (pair) - Shrink Film Safety Hook Knife - 25' Propane Hose - 3/4" Buckles - Light Duty Strap Tension Tool - Zipper Hatch Window - Desiccant Bags
How To Video for boats/packaging. Includes full step by step training manual to assist with shrink wrapping your boat or small equipment for storage.


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