Shrinkfast Heat Guns and Accessories

Shrinkfast model 998 is the leading heat tool for both shrink wrapping and shrink film processing.  When time is of the essence, the power of the 998 shrink wrap propane heat gun will get the job done right, quickly and efficiently. Order a heat gun for your shrink wrap project today.
Shrinkfast® is the manufacturer of the most popular heat shrink guns available, including the Shrinkfast 998 shrink wrap gun. At Pro-Tect Plastics, we distribute Shrinkfast® propane heat guns instead of Ripack because of their unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility. Industrial shrink wrap guns are an indispensable tool for packaging plastic, shipping, protection, or storage of virtually any item in a wide variety of product and service categories of shrink film. The shrink film gun allows for top notch safety with its list of protective parts.

There are numerous options to consider when you shop for a heat gun for shrink wrapping. Whether you need a heavy duty propane shrink wrap heat gun that covers everything from pallets to vehicles, a lightweight heat shrink gun for a smaller item, or an adjustable shrink wrap heat gun that can stretch your capabilities and save you time and money, we have the shrink wrap gun you need. 

What makes the Shrinkfast 988 shrink wrap gun so popular?
Convenient kit comes with all the accessories and supplies needed to start shrinking.
Very powerful with over 200,000 BTUs of heat.
Manufactured in the USA.
Comes with a full one-year warranty.
Most versatile shrink wrap gun on the market with accessories available for any job.

Did you know that shrink wrap guns are not just handy for shrink wrapping? They have a multitude of uses around the house and at work. 
Remove dents from cars with a heat gun and compressed air
Roast your own coffee beans
Remove labels or stickers from packages without harmful chemicals
Turn old silverware items into jewelry or art
Remove old adhesive-attached flooring such as linoleum
Thaw frozen pipes and avoid costly plumbing repairs
Amp up your cooking game by using a quick shrink wrap gun in the kitchen: melt sugar, toast marshmallows, or sear meat
Dry flooded out wood flooring before it becomes damaged
Remove old wallpaper from wall or tools to make way for texture and paint
Strip layers of old paint from furniture

When you purchase a Shrinkfast 998 shrink wrap gun, you may need to purchase some accessories that will make your shrink wrapping projects easier. Of course, much depends on what items you need to shrink wrap in the first place. If you are working with large and oddly shaped-items like boats or other vehicles, you should consider adding a shrink wrap gun extension kit to the mix. This will help you extend the reach of the heat source making large objects easier to target and shrink wrap. Of course, you are going to need a propane tank. Many shrink wrap gun users find that it is best to have at least two propane cylinders on hand so that if one runs out of propane you can keep working by connecting to the other tank. Gauges are useful tools to have around when you are shrink wrapping with a heat gun. They allow you to keep tabs on and control the amount of pressure coming from your tank. As they say, safety first! Make sure you incorporate safety features into your plan when working with a shrink wrap heat gun. Hose extensions are another great addition to your shrink gun product assortment. If you would like to extend your hose another 25 feet, add the OD 25' Propane Hose and a Propane Hose Coupler to your cart. This will speed up production by giving you 50' of free motion without ever having to move your propane tank. The Quick Connects are a great addition to your equipment setup, too. They allow you to disconnect your Shrinkfast 998 heat gun from the hose without the use of a wrench. Talk about convenience! Quickly take the propane heat gun away from the propane tank each night or whenever needed for safe and convenient storage. 

At Pro-Tect Plastics and Supply, we want you to be able to find everything you need to perform safe, complete, effective shrink wrapping. We make it easy to search through our online catalog of new heat shrink guns, systems and kits, and other equipment and materials that will help you wrap film or stretch wrap in an effective and safe way. When you buy a new shrink wrap heat gun from Pro-Tect Plastics, you are guaranteed to receive a fair price and excellent service. Each purchase includes a one-year warranty that covers repair or replacement of your shrink wrap heat gun, free of charge. 

Do you need help using a shrink wrap heat gun or choosing between products? Please call or email us and we will be happy to help! In case you need a hand with a particular type of project you can check out our YouTube video tutorials. We are here to help you sort through the products on our website to custom build a solution to your wrap heat gun needs, before, during, and after your purchase. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service. Put some of our other items such as bags, tape and strapping in your cart on the way out.