Greenhouse Plastics and Light Deprivation Film

Greenhouse Plastic
Thermax Thermal Diffused Film with Condensation Control combines outstanding thermal qualities and exceptional condensation control properties.
Directional condensation control ensures the additive migrates to the surface facing the crop
Increased tear and stiffness provide superior strength and handles years of snow and wind loads
A properly inflated double poly-covered greenhouse can save you over 40% in heating costs compared to a single layer of glazing. Using a thermal greenhouse film as one of the layers can result in an additional 15-20%  heating cost saving!  Thermicity is a measure of the transmission of IR (infrared radiation) through a film.  The lower the thermicity, the lower the transmission of IR and the lower the heat loss. 
Luminance Light Diffused Film is specially engineered to give you the results you need from a highly diffused greenhouse film.  Prolong your grow season with greenhouse plastic sheeting!!
These plastic greenhouse covers greenhouse temperature by as much as 9°F when compared to standard film.
Higher crop yields and higher first quality crop yields.  There have been noted increases of 30-40% in total  crop yields, with a higher percentage in first quality crop yield of up to 85% for some crops.
Super 4 Superior Strength, durability and toughness you need. This greenhouse plastic sheeting is a super clear, super tough, long-life product that provides the best value in a greenhouse film. 
Outstanding light transmission, haze, and clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications 
A unique manufacturing process and advanced resin technology provide a superior tear strength
High strength at the folds of the plastic greenhouse sheeting reduces the likelihood of punctures and tears in critical areas
Panda Premium Light Deprivation Films are a highly reflective and opaque white/black film that can be used for either bench/ground cover or as a reflective blackout curtain for maximum photo-period control.
Brilliant white layer ensures maximum light reflectivity to aid in crop production 
• This greenhouse film reflects heat, cools better than shade cloth, & designed to withstand wear & tear of foot traffic
High strength at folds of our plastic greenhouse covers means higher resistance to punctures and tears.