General Purpose Shrink Wrap, Bags and Tubing

Heat Shrink Film Clear General Purpose
The clear heat Shrink Wrap materials shown here are for smaller general shrink wrapping usage or for areas that require visability as to what's under/inside the plastic wrap.  
For quick and easy protection of palatalized items, use either our clear Shrink Pallet Cover Bags or the clear non shrink Pallet Cover Bags.  
We also have a clear Shrink Tubing for those items that have varying lengths. Cut off as much heat shrink wrap as you need for each one and heat seam the ends. 
Our Pallet Stretch Wrap is not a shrink wrap, but can be used on pallets or multiple packages, by winding around the items multiple times to keep everything bundled together for transport .
6 mil Clear Shrink Film General Purpose 20' x 100'

This clear shrink wrap film is used for packaging of products, commodities, and green house covers. This shrink packaging film is 6 mil and is excellent for general shrink wrap applications.

MIL:  6    Color:  Clear, with 3 mo UVI
Roll Size: 20' x 100'  
Roll Weight: 75 lbs

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Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing

Heat shrink bags are a circular tube used for packaging and ventilation. Just simply cut the shrink wrap roll to fit the length and slide over the product that needs protection. Heat Shrink Wrap tubing is also a good alternative to industrial stretch wrap.

MIL:  6    Color:  Clear
Roll Size: 48" lay flat x 200'  (Opens up to approximately 30.5" diameter)
Roll Weight: 65 lbs

Special Order plastic shrink wrap tubing sizes are available with minimum quantities. Call (844) 889-WRAP for a quote on heat shrink tubing rolls.

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Non Shrink Pallet Covers
Non Shrink Pallet Covers are commonly used for packaging of products on a pallet to keep them free of moisture and secure. Plastic pallet wraps are quick and easy to use for outdoor storage and transport.  Just place clear plastic pallet wrap over pallet or equipment and using industrial stretch wrap around the base, or tape to hold it in place. The plastic pallet wrap is available by the roll. 

MIL:  4    Color:  Clear, non shrink
Roll Size: 51" W x 49" L x 73"H 
Roll Weight: 75 lbs
Bags/Roll: 35

Special Order Pallet Bags Sizes are available. 
Call (844) 889-WRAP (9727) 
for quote.
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Shrink Wrap Pallet Bags

Heat Shrink Pallet Bags are commonly used for packaging of products on a pallet to keep them free of moisture and secure. Pallet shrink wrap bags are a good alternative to stretch wrap for transport and storage. Heat shrink pallet bags are available by the roll. 

MIL:  5    Color:  Clear
Roll Size: 50" W x 50"L x 75"H
Roll Weight: 70 lbs
Bags/Roll: 25

Special Order Pallet Shrink Bag Sizes are available.
Call (844) 889-WRAP (9727) 
for quote.

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Stretch Wrap - Pallet Wrap

Industrial stretch wrap is used to keep items in place on a pallet during shipment. Order a supply of clear stretch wrap from Pro-Tect today.

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