Construction Industrial Shrink Wrap 8 9 and 12 mil

Heat Shrink Wrap
Pro-Tect's industrial heat shrink wrap has been carefully formulated from superior material that allows for a higher standard in performance and safety. Our industrial shrink wrap is strong, durable, versatile, and low maintenance to provide the ultimate protection in construction projects, weatherization wrapping, and environmental containment applications. Different from marine or standard heat shrink wrap, we offer construction shrink wrap in flame retardant, non flame retardant, and ultra violet resistant formulas in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. Pro-Tect Plastics carries heat shrink wrap films that are regarded as the very best in the construction industry. 

Why would you need to use industrial shrink wrap plastic for containment purposes? Let’s look at some examples. When a building, facility, or home becomes damaged due to storms, fire, floods, or other environmental conditions, the roof of a building structure is open to significant damage. The building itself and the contents of the structure are left wide open to the environment. The longer the structure is open and compromised, the worse the damage can become. Industrial shrink wrap can help! Industrial shrink wrap is a viable, cost-effective solution that can tide you over until permanent repairs are made. Industrial shrink wrap is durable, longstanding, strong, and often outperforms other methods of protecting property such as boards or tarps. On top of that, shrink wrap is environmentally-friendly as it is completely recyclable. Protect your structure from environmental damage and protect the environment at the same time.

Another example of the effective property-protection powers of industrial shrink wrap is when you are attempting to protect the environment from dangerous aspects of the building itself. Asbestos abatement is a good example. As asbestos is being removed from a building, the surrounding environment needs to be protected. Industrial shrink wrap can completely contain the dangerous asbestos, offering an affordable and completely effective measure against environmental contagion. 

Pro-Tect Plastics specializes in the sale and installation of 9  and 12 mil flame resistant thermo polyethylene shrink wrap with UVI for longevity.  These industrial heat shrink wrap products are certified to N.F.P.A. 701 in large and small scale tests. We have used them extensively in Pro-Tect Plastics’ design and installation of our Environmental Containment Process, which meets the requirements of SSPC Guide 61: Class 1 and Class 2.  

The Pro-Tect Plastics’ Environmental Containment Process is fairly simple to perform with the proper equipment, tools, and heat shrink wrap. You need:
A framework, such as scaffolding.
Special hi-tensile strength strapping
Specifically formulated heat shrink tape
Industrial shrink wrap
The Shrinkfast 998® propane fired heat gun  

To perform the Environmental Containment Process, first cover the area to be contained using the appropriate industrial shrink wrap and seal all of the seams with shrink tape. Once the material is in place, apply high temperature heat using the Shrinkfast 998® propane fired heat gun. The hot air seals the sheets of shrink wrap thermo poly film together thereby forming a large impermeable barrier around the rigid or semi-rigid framework upon which it is installed.  The industrial shrink wrap film is then shrank by up to 30% to form a tough, tight weather and moisture-proof barrier which will contain virtually 100% of sandblast, paint, lead or asbestos residuals, dust and other construction debris or environmental conditions.

NOTE: It is important that the right products are used in the Environmental Containment Process. We do not recommend altering from those specified. Doing so could result in a failed containment process, damage to property, and pose a safety risk. Heat shrink tape contains particular adhesives relevant to this system. High-tensile strapping performs differently than cable. Not every shrink wrap film will conform to N.F.P.A of SSPC regulations. Pro-Tect Plastics has the correct products, kits, and resources available to get the job done.

We carry several different construction shrink wrap films in flame retardant and non-flame retardant sizes and mil thickness for all types of construction projects, weatherization wrapping and environmental containment applications. Pro-Tect industrial shrink wrap films are regarded as the best in the construction industry. The Pro-Tect industrial shrink wrapping containment process is fairly simple to learn and can be easily performed with the proper equipment and material. You can learn how to properly perform the containment process with our step-by-step guide. We can also keep custom roll sizes of shrink film for shrink wrapping in storage at our warehouse if you order 5,000 pounds.

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