Boat Wrap - DIY for Boats and Equipment

Shrink wrapping is an easy and economical way to protect and store boats, RV's, outdoor furniture, equipment or other commodities from dust, debris and harsh weather elements.

This shrink wrap system can be used to weatherize irregular shaped objects, and palletized truckloads of equipment and commodities. The do-it-yourself boat wrap kits can also be used to weatherize new manufactured boats or used boats in storage.  Once shrink wrapped, the boat or product can be transported in its own containment (cocoon) thereby saving money associated with the labor of double handling and the risk of weather and road damage to the product.  Removal of the shrink wrap from boats or other product is just as simple and all of our heat shrink films are 100% recyclable.


Pro-Tect has a "How To" Flash Drive or Instant Download available for the do-it-yourself boat wrap kits. Included is a video of shrink wrapping a boat and has a fully pictured training manual showing step by step “How To” heat shrink your boat and other items. This boat wrap training manual can be viewed on your computer or can be printed out. 

To accomplish the heat shrinking process of your boat or other product, you will need to use a propane fired heat gun. We suggest the Shrinkfast 998 heat gun kit in stock for sale  We do also have rental heat guns. The lease rate for the heat gun rental is $75.00 per week plus shipping. Please contact us for more information about leasing or order below.
Need help with do-it-yourself boat wrap kits? Read our Quick Guide on How to Heat Shrink Wrap.