Straight Zippers and Zipper Hatches

Straight Zippers, Zipper Hatches and Shrink Wrap Zipper Doors allow for quick and easy access to your shrink wrapped project.  Whether it be access to your boat through a boat hatch door, a piece of large equipment or adding a walk-through shrink wrap zipper door for personnel on a construction project. 

Straight Zippers:  Available in 6' and 7' lengths by 4" wide, with heavy duty zippers.  These "peel and stick" straight zippers are easy to install on already shrunk plastic.  Making sure the plastic is clean and dry, just peel the backing of the zipper and firmly press it in place.  Unzip and cut the shrink film underneath to open it up.  You can use just 1 zipper to allow a slit style opening or using 2 zippers, you can make your own (width) size doorway, just roll the middle shrink film up or down (depending on how you want the access to be). 

Zipper Hatches:  Unlike the straight zippers, the hatches are not a peel  and stick.  They will need to be taped on using our 4" tape.  They are available in 30" x 36" White Small Hatch Window, 36" x 48" White Medium Hatch Window, 36" x 72" White Walk-Through Hatch Door and 36" x 80" Clear Construction Door.  The smaller construction zipper hatches are typically used with smaller projects and boats/equipment, while the larger construction zipper doors are used with containment and weatherization projects allowing  for  ease of material and personnel movement safely in and out of the containment structure.