Heat Shrink Film Containment Training Video

Boat Wrap KitPro-Tect’s Shrink Wrap Tutorial Video shows you step by step instructions on how to install a professional shrink wrap containment system.  This is available for sale at $49.95 located in our products section.

Other Training Resources:

Shrink Wrap Quick Guide
8-step How-To Guide for heat shrink wrapping of boats and smaller equipment.

ShrinkFast 998 Rebuild Kit Instructions (PDF)
Procedure for manual rebuild of Shrinkfast 998 heat gun with combustor.

Shrink Wrap How-to  for Boats/Packaging using our shrink wrap supplies
We have a "How To" for boats and packaging available for $15.00 . It shows us shrink wrapping a boat from start to end and has a printable, fully pictured training manual showing step by step how to shrink wrap your boats and packaging items for storage and transport.

Watch us very quickly Shrink Wrap a Helicopter 100% in under 2 minutes!

Technical Service
: Pro-Tect Technical Service Representative is available for professional consulting and the training of your personnel ,on site, on the proper installation procedures. We want your shrink wrap project to be a success and we are willing to support you in every way. Our Pro-Tect professional has been around the world teaching and guiding construction personnel on "How To" install Class 1A shrink wrap containment.

We can help you quote your shrink wrap containment or packaging job.

Give us a call (844) 889 9727