Lease Agreement

Shrinkfast Heat Gun Kit




          The Shrinkfast UL listed heat gun kit consists of heat gun, regulator, 25 foot propane hose, and metal carry case.


            The Lessee herein agrees to lease from Lessor, Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply, Inc. for a period of _One Week_(unless otherwise agreed upon time frame) for $_75.00_ per week a Shrinkfast heat gun kit.  Furthermore, lessee agrees to return to lessor, in present condition, at the end of the agreed upon lease period, freight prepaid or purchase heat gun kit.  In the event the Shrinkfast heat gun is damaged beyond normal use, the lessee agrees to purchase the heat gun for a price of $_695.00_ less deposit, or the lessee could purchase a new Shrinkfast 998 heat gun at a price of $_650.00_ with a full year warranty less deposit amount. 

By placing the rental item in your cart and fulfilling the checkout process, you are agreeing to and will abide by the above terms.