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Scaffold Wrap and Building Shrink Wrap for Construction and Boats

Shrink Wrapped Bridge

Industrial shrink wrapping results in a tough skin-tight shroud that is cost effective, labor friendly. Shrink wrap containments for bridges, buildings, water towers or any type of containment including winter containments, building shrink wrap, construction project weatherization and temporary site shelters from nature's elements on a long term or temporary basis. Pro-Tect provides shrink wrap flame retardant and non flame retardant shrink wrap in an 8 to 12 mil along with shrink wrap supplies that when installed properly on an engineered scaffold wrap system is a Class 1 containment enclosure and can enhance trades production time throughout the year. Call Pro-Tect for your next industrial shrink wrap containment quote.

Attention! New Product Alert!

We Have New Roll Sizes of 12 mil!

After reviewing our 12 mil survey (and thanks to those who replied!) We are happy to announce that we have added a 30' x 100' and 30' x 80' 12 mil F/R to the lineup!! Contact us!


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A New, Longer Lasting VCI Shrink Film is Available!

Finally a Shrink Film that has a 3 year VCI and UVI protection!

This 8 mil shrink wrap provides advanced protection with VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) for the ultimate outdoor preservation. This is a premium high strength 8 mil high performance shrink wrap with UV stabilizers for 3 year outdoor protection. Zerust® VCI saturates the interior of the package to protect hard to reach spaces and voids from corrosion.

The specially designed shrink wrap is ideal for export shipments, long term storage, inventory storage, lay-ups and mothballing of equipment, vehicles and outdoor storage of components. Contact us for a shrink wrap containment quote and additional information on this 8 mil VCI shrink wrap in a 20' x 100' roll.

About Pro-Tect Plastics

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Pro-Tect specializes in distribution of flame retardant industrial shrink wrap, boat wrap, clear shrink wrap pallet bags and shrink wrap supplies for equipment shrink wrapping and industrial containment. We supply installation accessories including shrink wrap tape, strapping, and heat guns including the SHRINKFAST 998 to properly install a shrink wrap containment system or package equipment for transport and storage.

The industrial shrink wrap containment system is used for special coatings, EIFS systems, scaffolding, exterior coatings for tanks, building shrink wrap, bridges, ship repair, lead/asbestos abatement, scaffold wrap for construction projects and weatherization.

Shrink wrap packaging is used for shrink wrapping boats, shrink wrap packaging of large parts, products, and equipment for transport, storage and winterizing.

We understand our customers' need for quality shrink wrap installations and professional service and products. Our innovative approach, process and specially formulated shrink films offer the leading products in the shrink wrap industry.

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    ✔ Scaffold Shrink Wrap
    ✔ Industrial Shrink Wrap
    ✔ Building Shrink Wrap
    ✔ Construction Containment
    ✔ Weather Containment
    ✔ Dust Control Curtain
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