Shrink Wrap Supplies and Accessories

Order the shrink wrap supplies and equipment needed to complete your project here. 

Light and Heavy Duty Strap Tension Tools:  Light duty for up to 3/4" wide Strapping.  Heavy Duty for up to 1 1/4" wide Strapping.  Used to tighten strapping down either under or over shrink film for extra cross bracing or security in keeping shrink film in place.
Stick On Vents:   4" outer diameter (1 3/4" inner hole dia.), plastic vent with adhesive backing.  Used for ventilation of boats or equipment to reduce condensation/mildew during storage.
Desiccant Bags:   300 gram bags.  Used to reduce moisture/condensation under a sealed shrink wrapped object or boat when venting is not used.   These shrink wrap products are good for transport. 
Poly Foam Padding:   6" or 12" width by 225' length and 1/4" thick. High density poly foam used for padding off sharp corners and any parts that could possibly protrude through the plastic. 
Leather Safety Gloves:   Pairs or Left Hand only.  Used with the propane heat gun to "pat" the shrink film together when heat seaming.
Safety Hook Knife and Replacement Blades:   Hook shaped plastic casing over blade to keep fingers etc from being cut while cutting shrink film material. o
How To for Boats and Packaging:   Flash Drive or Instant Download.  Shows steps on how to shrink wrap a boat and other odd shaped packaging items. Video and a printable training manual. 
How To for Containment:   Flash Drive or Instant Download.   Shows installation options and steps for shrink wrapping around scaffolding on a construction project.  Video and printable training manual.